BTS Befestigungselemente-Technik GmbH

As a German manufacturer of fastening and fixing elements, BTS Befestigungselemente-Technik satisfies the highest requirements of German quality. This applies to both DIN and standard parts, as well as customerspecific products created from drawings or prototypes. The complete planning and design of new parts is also possible on request. 

Our strengths are processing, including drilling, thread cutting, welding and assembly as well as customer-specific packaging. We mainly work with cast parts.

The blanks from our sister company VS GmbH & Co. KG are the foundation of the high quality of our products. VS has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing thin-walled small cast products with a unit weight up to 1,500 grams. All standard qualities in blackheart and whiteheart malleable iron as well as grey iron are cast. Convince yourself of the high standards of this foundry by visiting the website

BTS is firmly committed to its German location. As our customer you can benefit in this way from products with a consistently high quality in accordance with international standards. In addition to the products from our own production we have established a trading program that is constantly being expanded. Besides standard parts we offer meanwhile on request also special parts according to customers specification in materials cast iron, steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

Certificates & approval

Company Policy

Our top priority in terms of customer orientation is customer satisfaction. 

On-schedule delivery, fulfilment of customer expectations and quick and flexible responses to customer wishes are the key objectives in our processes. Company management and all responsible departments and persons in addition create an organisational framework for the determination, evaluation and implementation of all applicable requirements within the organisation. We thereby ensure that no relevant preconditions and expectations are infringed by our firm, especially in relation to legal and official requirements. 

The services we offer our customers include the manufacture and provision of fastening and connection elements. We aspire to competent and controlled processes and realise this through evaluation of customer processes and continuous supervision. We strive for faultless performance at all times through a pro-active quality assurance programme. We utilise negative events, identified risks and opportunities for optimisation in our constant process of improvement.

Each employee is informed on this policy and contributes through their actions and assigned responsibilities to its realisation. It is thus the duty of each employee to shape customer focus pro-actively by producing error-free work and promptly reporting causes of deficiencies and waste, as well as opportunities for improvement. 

The utilisation of opportunities and realisation of improvements are an ongoing and pro-active requirement of the entire organisation. All company employees and responsible departments are required to participate pro-actively in the context of their competencies and capacities. This applies in particular to pro-active development of the annual company and quality goals.

The current certificate can be downloaded here.