BTS Befestigungselemente-Technik GmbH

is a medium-sized company in the metalworking industry, focused on the manufacture and sale of fastening and connecting materials. The company was founded in 1983. It is located in Saarburg, on the Beurig industrial estate. A workforce of approximately 50 is employed. 
In order to satisfy the increasingly difficult market requirements, at an early stage BTS established an ISO 9001 quality assurance system, which was certified by the TÜV-Rheinland technical inspection authority as early as December 1994. In addition, BTS also has a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001. Further success factors in maintaining market share include maximum customer orientation and speed of reaction in processing customer orders.

The export share stands at around 60 %. The worldwide sale of the products is expanding constantly, including via participation in internationally-renowned exhibitions such as Cologne (International Hardware Fair) and various fastener fairs (Germany, Britain, Hungary).

The product range comprises wing nuts, wing screws, cap nuts, timber connectors, beam clamps, channel nuts, sliding blocks, hammer-head bolts and various specialist parts made to drawings or samples. It is supplemented and expanded continuously.

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Certificates & approval

Quality Policy

Our agreed and permanent objective is to strengthen the company's profitability
so that long-term company growth will help maintain independence, continue to
provide a safe working environment and secure employment. These objectives
will be met by our entrepreneurial approach to the market, good management and

It is also our objective to establish fair and sustained partnership with our business partners. The company's contribution is founded on reliability, satisfying customer's needs and the willingness to accept new challenges.

Confidence in our own capabilities and our endeavour to continuous improvement provide the foundation for our customer relation, which will be maintained by:

  • Delivery of our products of the promised quality on the date agreed
  • Dedication of all BTS GmbH employees and management to the justified interests of our customers at all times
  • That each employee, looking after our customers, contributes the maximum required knowledge and the highest motivation, to create solutions to fulfil customers needs and expectations
  • Promoting the enthusiasm of our employees through open dialogue, permanent training, fair remuneration, co-operative and respectful relations within the company

Through the excellence of quality products and the highest levels of technical and commercial performance, BTS GmbH intends to stay competitive, maintaining a leading position in the market.

Environmental Policy

For BTS GmbH, Saarburg/Germany, profitability and protection of the environment are important principles of company's policy.

Constant improvement in environmental protection is achieved by:

  • Promoting awareness of environmental issues through regular training of all employees.
  • Evaluation and control of the company's existing and future products and activities for their environmental impact. By using the best available technology and employee awareness, harmful environmental effects will be either avoided or reduced to the lowest possible level.
  • Collecting, documenting and evaluating relevant environmental data through our environmental management system. Internal and external audits monitor compliance with the company's environmental policy, with environmental law and realisation of environmental goals. All necessary steps will be taken to avoid accidental emissions of materials or energy.
  • Maintaining open dialogue with all relevant authorities and other institutions. The public receives all the information that is necessary to understand the environmental impact, caused by BTS GmbH activities, through the publication of our environmental declaration.

Ensuring that our customers, suppliers and contractors, working on BTS GmbH premises, will be informed of our environmental requirements in an adequate manner.

Through the introduction of our environmental management system we are in a better position to express, to all concerned, steps taken for environmental protection. We can also continuously improve our contribution to environmental protection by objective-driven steps.

The current certificate is available for Download.


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