Channel nuts
Toothed, with fixing retainer for strut channels

  • One type for all strut channels
  • Simple and fast mounting with one hand
  • Holds after rotation in the rail, ideal for vertically installed channels
  • Remains easy to move after mounting
  • No jamming of the spring in perforated channels
  • On request:

Hot-dip galvanised channel nuts with oversize, individual
toothing /toothspacing, special thicknesses, plastic in RAL colour on customer request 
Complete special part, also for other profile sizes

Channel nut with fixing retainer
M6 6 100
M8 6 100
M10 8 100
M12 9 100

Safe working loads
Channel nuts

The following safe working loads apply for BTS channel nuts in steel and stainless steel for strut channels in combination with a threaded rod of strength class 4.6 (A4 – 50) exposed to static load.

The maximum safe working load of the channel used is to be observed. BTS provides no guarantee for the safe working load of the channel.

F3 (kN)
F4 (kN)
T (Nm)
M 6 5 1 3,5
M 8 6 2,4 8,4
M 10 7 3,5 17
M 12 7 4 29
M 16 12 4 71
Steel channel nut, min 130 HB zinc plated acc. to DIN EN ISO 4042 or hot-dip galvanised, stainless steel A4, polypropylene (plastic) fixing retainer with grey colour acc. to RAL7040, further finishes on request

All of the dimensions stated above are approximate and may deviate both upwards and downwards.